Dealing With The Problem Of Too Many Meetings

If you work as part of a Scrum Team, then you would have heard these words at some point in time.  I can guarantee you! “There are too many meetings during an iteration and we cannot get enough work done” Here is an article that tries to deal with this. Get Serious about your meetingsContinue reading “Dealing With The Problem Of Too Many Meetings”

Prioritizing the Product backlog.

An interesting article on Prioritizing the product backlog with a few exercises on how to prioritize. Prioritizing the Scrum Backlog I found this technique most useful 🙂 The advanced technique to tackle less reasonable Product Owner who tends to say “everything is important”. Give them one “1”, a limited number of “2”, and as manyContinue reading “Prioritizing the Product backlog.”

Retrospective Technique: Playtime

Title:  ‘Play’ with iteration products to remember what happened during the whole project Use: 1) What kind of retro is it best suited for? Milestone, End of Project 2) What phase of the retro would you use it in? readying, present, future 3) Purpose If the software product has been developed iteratively, then each iterationContinue reading “Retrospective Technique: Playtime”