Terminating a Sprint

I have been researching the theory of terminating a Sprint. I have never encountered an occasion where I have had to terminate a Sprint, but I thought it was always good to research why Sprints would be terminated, and how the Team would deal with a Sprint Termination.

The Product Owner is the only member of the Team who can terminate a Sprint. Sprints can be cancelled before the allotted Sprint end date but it is often looked at as a worst case scenario. Sprints may be cancelled because of changes in business, competition or if the technology needed to carry out the work is not available. more often than not, the Sprint Scope is evaluated and adapted to meet the change encountered, rather than Terminating the Sprint.

If a Sprint is terminated before the sprint end date, the team must start the Process of starting a new iteration again. They must hold a new sprint planning meeting where the reason for terminating the Sprint is reviewed by the team and any outcomes from this meeting documented.

 The team will then start a new iteration as normal.

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