Retorspective Technique. Weather report

I have conducted a few retrospectives using the weather report as a sort of break in method to try and help the group engage with one another more and find out their mood.

I printed off some cards with some symbols printed on them to represent some weather patterns.  Sun, Sun / Cloud, Thunder and Rain. 

I then explained that these represented their mood for the past iteration. 

Sun = Brilliant

Sun / Cloud = Good

Rain = Bad

Thunder = Terrible

I then set out a Grid and split it into each of the sections above.  I then asked each Team Member to pick a card that represented their feelings about the last iteration.  This gave me a quick check of how the last iteration went.

You could practice this method often and keep a record of each Iteration and you could chart when the Team are happy or Sad 🙂

Here is the Technique explained.

 1)  What kind of retro is it best suited for? 

I use it in iteration retros but could use it all kinds of retros

2)  What phase of retro would you use it in? 

I use it in history, but could also use in readying.  I used it also as a short reflection on the retrospective itself.

3)  Use: 

Best suited for iteration retrospective for getting a sense of the mood the team is in.  I find it important to repeat this exercise on a regular basis, e.g. in every iteration retrospective.

Length of Time: 

For only getting a sense of the mood:  a couple of minutes, if you want to use it in the readying you might use this as a start for a discussion or other exercises.

Short Description: 

Every participant answers the question:  How was this past iteration for you?  The possible answers are: great (pure sunshine), good (sun half covered by a cloud), bad (rainy), miserable (thunder and lightning). The participants answer by placing a sticker in the area of their feeling.

Materials:  flipchart, marker, stickers


We capture the weather report every iteration and develop a team satisfaction thermometer from it.  At first it gives you a sense of where the team is currently.


You can use the weather report also as an opener for the history part.




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