How To Hold The Daily Scrum

An informative article on how to hold the Daily Scrum Meeting. The Daily Scrum is simple daily routine to help the team self-organize, focus, and identify and eliminate impediments to progress. How do you conduct the Daily Scrum and how do you know if the Daily Scrum is achieving its purpose? How to hold theContinue reading “How To Hold The Daily Scrum”

Daily Scrum Withdrawal

I remember reading an article by Stacia Broderick a while back on Daily Scrum Meetings.  Thankfully my team are not like to one described but it did make me think about the way I conduct my Daily Scrum Meeting at the moment. This quote in particular was interesting. Many teams really, truly believe that theContinue reading “Daily Scrum Withdrawal”

Daily Scrum Mistakes.

After researching techniques that would improve my Daily Scrum.  I thought I would highlight some mistakes that can occur within a Daily Scrum Meeting that you can further improve to make your Daily Scrum more appealing. I read an article on “Scrum from the Trenches” Daily Scrum Mistakes  that echo’s some of the sentiments feltContinue reading “Daily Scrum Mistakes.”