Google Tech Talk. Agile Testing

Google Tech TalksDecember 9, 2005 Elisabeth Hendrickson ABSTRACTAs more teams are adopting Agile practices such as XP and Scrum, software testing teams are being asked to become “Agile” as well. But what does that mean? Is the Agile label yet another buzzword? Or could it be Agile practices are actually changing the way software isContinue reading “Google Tech Talk. Agile Testing”

Handling Bugs in an Agile Context

Handling Bugs in an Agile Context This is an interesting article that was passed to me by a friend, thanks Mel!  The article is based around the handling of Bugs in Agile Development.  This has made me think about the way that my own team handle our Bugs.  As QA and Scrum Master for myContinue reading “Handling Bugs in an Agile Context”

How Scrum has improved our QA

I have worked at a web based startup company for the past 3 years.  Before we implemented Scrum just  under two years ago now, the QA team, of which I was a part of was a separate unit from all other teams.  We worked with the watrerfall method of development which meant we were involvedContinue reading “How Scrum has improved our QA”