How to fit QA into Scrum

 I read an interesting article that addresses some of the problems that my own team has encountered with trying to fit QA into Scrum.  We have found that on some occasions coding new functionality for our site can take up a large part of the sprint, which can have a knock on effect on the time that QA has in the sprint.

We know that this isnt exacly the scrum way of doing things as we should be testing early in the iteration and leaving the testing till late on in the iteration can seem like a waterfall practice, but sometimes needs must.

The article below explains a process that my Scrum team has carried out.  We basically move our QA’ing of the stories into a separate story and have this prioritized in the next iteration thus allowing us to complete the QA without falling behind.

How to fit QA into Scrum

This also leads onto a future article on Automated testing in Scrum 🙂

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