Blogging and I.

I have been maintaining my blog for a while, quite loosely as you will see.  I often found myself having great ideas to post but when I sit down to actually write a blog post, they never seem to fit together well and ultimately they don’t get written.  I really need to practice what I preach and stop starting, start finishing!  I thought to myself.

It wasn’t until I started to listen to Geoff Watts audio book on Product Mastery  that I realised where I was going wrong.  When it comes to blogging, I needed to be more decisive (apparently my wife has been telling me this for years :D).

One sentence that stuck with me was “When things become difficult, it is tempting to put them off, to do a bit more research”.   Then another “The result, nothing of value is actually delivered”.  Both summed up my situation.

It really struck home today when I was sitting down to write a blog post on my first assignment as a contractor.  I had written all of the ideas that I had down on a piece of paper to get some structure before I would begin to type the post.  There were so many ideas in my head that I was getting nowhere fast.  I decided to clear my head and go for a run.

While out on the run I thought about the other things that I had to do today and suddenly it hit me.  I was subconsciously putting off the blog post as it had become too hard to write.  But why was the post so hard to write?  I went through all of the ideas I had and realised that I was trying to fit three blog posts into one and because it wasn’t fitting perfectly the perfectionist in me decided that the post wasn’t a good idea.  I realised that I have done this with so many blog posts in the past and it was something that I needed to fix.

I came back from the run and decided that I had to break the massive post down.  I decided to fact check the two quotes used by Geoff above when I found the tweet below, which summed up my predicament perfectly.


This made me smile as I had already realised that the expectations for my blog post were unrealistic and decided to break the big post down into manageable chunks.  It then led me to write this blog post.  The outcome, I delivered value and have a couple of blog posts that actually make sense to me and will be easy to write.

It is amazing what taking a little time to clear your head can achieve.  I realised a lot about myself today in that when I get an idea for a blog post I try to cram as much into that idea as possible to a point where it becomes too big to actually do anything with.  I have a lot of knowledge, experiences and practices that I try to get across but have a tendency to overdo it which leads me to lose confidence and scrap that idea.  Being decisive about the content you want to appear in your post and not being scared to take things out that just don’t need to be there is key.

Hopefully this results in more blog posts from me in the future 🙂

Cheers Geoff 🙂


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