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It has been an interesting past few weeks in work, we have been planning our first SAFe increment as an experiment and as a change to our usual 6 week planning.

A great resource for me was “Pacific Express” by Alex Yakyma.  It is a Semi-Fictional take on how Alex brought SAFe, specifically the Agile Release Train to a large scale company.  The way that Alex describes the whole process from a Contractor point of view, having to find out the current issues, explain how SAFe can help improve or remove these issues alongside selling SAFe to the company was very helpful.

What really helped me was the way Alex broke down the events of SAFe, explaining each part of the increment planning, it’s purpose and what we expected to get out of it.  It helped me in my opening speech on explaining the events of the increment planning.

Well worth a read alongside the interactive SAFe diagram at Scaled Agile Framework

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