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Our Scrum Team recently gained a new member and I came to the stark realization that everyone in our team has an iPhone!  How awesome is that!!  (Yes, the sceptics amongst you who have not converted to the Church of Apple may scorn all you want! but we don’t care :D)

First up is Planning Poker.  Gone are the days of having to sort your Poker Cards into each individual set so that every member of the team has their own set of cards.  Only for someone to shuffle them before you use them (Yep, weve all done it).  There are a few software developers who have taken Planning poker into the future.

James Williams has created a pretty little application for the iPhone to mimic Planning Poker called Agile Poker.  The user is presented with a really easy user interface and coupled with the touch screen on the iPhone it couldn’t be easier to select your estimate.  The nice graphics and slick animation that is shown when a card is selected is pretty cool too. Available Free on iTunes here

Options ScreenCard UI

Card SelectedCard Selected

Next up us Planning Poker from Francois Baronnet.  A similar Planning Poker application but it is a little more bland graphics wise and a little cluttered.  The user interface is a little more complex too with the user having to tap twice on a card to select it.  There are 2 modes to display your chosen card.  Fast, which shows your chosen card instantly or there is the “Flashy” method, which turns the card from face down to face up.  Overall, it is a little complex but it does what it says on the tin. Available Free on iTunes here

Planning PokerWelcome ScreenCard SelectionCard Shown

Agile Poker by Hortis is a silverlight looking application that offers a good help section with some tips on carrying out Planning.  The application its self is different from any other planning application on iTunes.  It has all of the cards in a straight line that the user must scroll through.  The sensitivity of the scrolling mechanism is a little high and selecting a card can be a bit of a chore (you often skip the one you want).  The animation is pretty slick, but the way that the card is displayed really lets the rest of the app down.  It does what it says on the tin though. Available Free on iTunes here

Start Screen

Card Chooser

Help ScreenCard Selected

Planning Poker by Unboxed Consulting is a pretty good Planning Poker Application.  It has a simple layout and easy one touch card selection which triggers a simple but effective animation.  The only thing is that you need to shake the iPhone to cancel your card selection in order to continue (this is a setting that you can switch off tho).  This application also has a configurable timer that allows you to time your planning session.  It is also tailorable to suit different types of planning, from the fibonacci to Binary.  This is a very effective application. Available Free on iTunes here

Home PageCard SelectionTimerOptions

Last but not least for the Agile Planning Poker Apps is an app by Greg Paterson called Agile Planner.  The user selects an estimate from a scrollable list and then clicks hide  This then hides the estimate from view.  The user then has to click flip to show their estimate.  Its pretty basic.  But I don’t see why it couldn’t be used. Available Free on iTunes here

Main PageChosen card

I also found an app from Scrum wall that lets you control your agile project by using Scrum Wall.  I will need to look into how this works and update you all later 🙂  But it is Available on iTunes here if anyone wants to look.

Hopefully I have given you enough insight into making your planning more effective and fun at the same time.  If you don’t have an iPhone.  Go get one!


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