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This is my first blog post in a while.  I have been taking part in some really interesting Iterations recently that have pushed the boundary of what I have learned and really pushed me to learn more.  The one thing I have learned about Scrum is that you don’t stop learning about Scrum 🙂

I work as part of a team that are based in different locations.  Our Product Owner is based in Boston and our team are based in the UK.  One of the main problems that was highlighted at our retrospective was that the Product Owner could not see our Scrum Wall and therefore did not have a guage of how things were going.

We communicate with our Product Owner through webcam using Skype at the moment.  Unfortunately the webcam that we use (which is pretty high spec) cannot focus in on our Scrum Wall and therefore he cannot read the tasks.  I then set myself a task to investigate an online Scrum Wall application that would allow our PO to view the wall.

I investigated all of the different types of Scrum Wall.  Some were paid for, some were free but insecure.  I found one site that offered an online Scrum Wall here Scrum Wall.  The product is in Beta at the moment with trialists recieving a free 6 month trial after the product has been launched.

This should give me enough time to investigate whether our product owner will actually use this product and to find out how useful it is to him, without spending any money.

It is really basic and easy to use with clear graphics.  We will contunue to investigate this software and I will post back any other software that I find.



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