Scrum Software on the iPhone.

Our Scrum Team recently gained a new member and I came to the stark realization that everyone in our team has an iPhone!  How awesome is that!!  (Yes, the sceptics amongst you who have not converted to the Church of Apple may scorn all you want! but we don’t care :D) First up is PlanningContinue reading “Scrum Software on the iPhone.”

Tips For First Time Scrum Masters

Tips For First Time Scrum Masters I find this part of the article interesting. Plan the demo and demo the plan If you happen to be the ScrumMaster of a team that is ushering in agile to the organization, your sprint plannings, standups, reviews, and retrospectives could garner interest and attention from many quarters. YouContinue reading “Tips For First Time Scrum Masters”

Nokia Training Using Scrum To Create A Lego City!

The Scrum LEGO City Game is about building a nice city with Lego bricks – not a new idea till here – and doing it using as much as possible what learned during the Scrum Training. To create the sense of urgency, agile42 presents the “Product Vision” as to prove to the world that itContinue reading “Nokia Training Using Scrum To Create A Lego City!”

How To Hold The Daily Scrum

An informative article on how to hold the Daily Scrum Meeting. The Daily Scrum is simple daily routine to help the team self-organize, focus, and identify and eliminate impediments to progress. How do you conduct the Daily Scrum and how do you know if the Daily Scrum is achieving its purpose? How to hold theContinue reading “How To Hold The Daily Scrum”