How To: Sprint Review

As always I have tried to break things down into PO / SM / Team responsibilities so that you know how closely these roles need to work together to get great outcomes.

Sprint Review.

The Sprint review is held at the end of the Sprint to “inspect the Increment and adapt the Product Backlog if needed”. In other words, it is the chance for the Team and the Stakeholders to come together and inspect what was **Done **in the past Sprint and gather feedback on the outputs.

It is an informal meeting where the team come together in what should be a comfortable setting to give a brief outline of the Project Vision, what the Sprint Goal was and how it related to the vision and what work has been Done by the team.

We can also give a brief overview of what work was forecast but not completed and any blockers that prevented us from completing the work that may require stakeholder intervention in order to unblock. Raising directly may increase the likely hood of a quick resolution, but we need to be sensible about it.

The Sprint Review is not only a great opportunity to showcase the work done by the team and build up morale but it is also an early chance to get tangible feedback on whether we are building the right thing or not, allowing us to pivot if needs be. Remember, fail fast, fail early.

Who attends Sprint Review?

The whole team attends Sprint Planning along with key stakeholders who have been identified by the Product Owner.

Ahead of the meeting (Some top tips for success)

* PO identifies stakeholders to be added to the review ahead of meeting and gives them to the SM

* SM refreshes update to reflect additions

* Team meet ahead of the review session to discuss what has been done and have a dry run

* PO agrees content with the team ahead of the review. There may be items (backend or such) that may not be of interest to our stakeholders

* PO calls for code freeze, no releases to be done ahead of review

* Team make sure all environments are accessible and what they would like to review is working (nothing worse than starting the review to find everything has been broken)

***What does Sprint Review Entail?***

* SM opens the meeting with the outline of the session (Remember that some stakeholders may be new to Agile)

* PO Gives a brief overview of the Product Vision and the Sprint Goal.

* PO Gives a brief overview of what has been done or can run through each piece of work individually

* PO Passes over to the Development Team to run through their completed work (Via screenshare if virtual) and answer any questions

* PO asks for stakeholder feedback

* PO will take note of feedback with the view of updating the Product Backlog

* PO will then discuss the rough vision for next Sprint (Based on output of refinement and feedback from the review)

* Team leave with a revised Product backlog and probable Sprint Backlog items for next Sprint.

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