Prioritizing :)

I have been on holiday from the world of Scrum for the past 3 days!  It has been a welcome break from the hustle and Bustle from the Scrum Team! 🙂

Without knowing it, I basically used Scrum to plan out my holiday.  As it was the first time I have been off this year, I had a list of things that I wanted to do with my time off.  All of which wouldnt fit into 3 days.  So therefore I put all of my tasks into a list and prioritized the list like a backlog and split the top priority activities out over 3 days (Sprint Backlog)

I managed to get all of my top priority interests completed and then I managed to pull in some activities that I thought I would not get round to.

There we have it, Scrum in Practice 🙂

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