Scrum definitions explained

Scrum has a lot of terms used to describe specific parts or roles that are used from day to day.  This sometimes confused people and daunts them when they hear a term that they don’t understand.  Some are easy to relate to, but some are pretty obscure.  So if you don’t know your Pigs fromContinue reading “Scrum definitions explained”

The importance of the Sprint Review Meeting

The Sprint Review meeting is an important part of the Scrum process.  Its not only a platform to showcase your work, but a place to place to invoke discussion with the stakeholders on the product that you are creating.  It also helps keep the project on the right direction as it ensures that the customerContinue reading “The importance of the Sprint Review Meeting”

Our Daily Scrum Meeting.

I thought I would make a first attempt at writing about the experience that I have with Daily Scrum Meetings.  The company I work for has been practicing Scrum for over a year now.  We see the Daily Scrum meeting as an important part of the Scrum process.  The meeting, scheduled for all members of theContinue reading “Our Daily Scrum Meeting.”