Retrospective Technique: Playtime

Title:  ‘Play’ with iteration products to remember what happened during the whole project Use: 1) What kind of retro is it best suited for? Milestone, End of Project 2) What phase of the retro would you use it in? readying, present, future 3) Purpose If the software product has been developed iteratively, then each iterationContinue reading “Retrospective Technique: Playtime”

The Agile Manifesto

The Agile Manifesto is a statement of the principles that underpin agile software development.  The Manifesto was derived by representatives of various new methodologies such as Scrum and extreme programming where they saw the need for lightweight methodologies to replace the traditionally used heavy weight ones. The 12 principles of the Agile Manifesto are: Our highest priorityContinue reading “The Agile Manifesto”

Daily Scrum Mistakes.

After researching techniques that would improve my Daily Scrum.  I thought I would highlight some mistakes that can occur within a Daily Scrum Meeting that you can further improve to make your Daily Scrum more appealing. I read an article on “Scrum from the Trenches” Daily Scrum Mistakes  that echo’s some of the sentiments feltContinue reading “Daily Scrum Mistakes.”